“The ASAC, in order to increase safety and health in the State of Alaska, will promote, advise, consult, encourage, coordinate and sponsor policies, activities and actions that are designed to reduce the loss of human and material resources in the State of Alaska.”

One of the objectives of the ASAC is hosting an annual, AK Governor’s Safety and Health Conference. This one objective is not to be taken as the means to accomplish all the ASAC objectives, lest it lose its’ own purpose in furthering Safety & Health in Alaska.

To be successful, we must first know what our objective, mission, purpose and vision are.

Mission – Expectations – Vision

The Alaska GSHC is the only state-wide S&H conference focused on meeting and exceeding the AK frontline industry’s educational and informational safety and health needs.

Drive commitment to excellence in all we do. Making commitments and following through. Building upon the previous years’ efforts in each area – to continually grow and build this event.

  1. Attendance & Availability:
    Attendance at the GSHC meetings are important – yet, if you cannot make it, please let us know – we will maintain the ability to call into conference meetings; if Chairing a committee – and you are unable to make a meeting – you need to send in a report ahead of the meeting or have another committee member report on your behalf so we know where we stand and if you need any assistance.
  2. Meetings:
    Meetings will be held for the purpose of maintaining continuity of the conference planning; to head off potential problems; to set action and dates of completion; to achieve one common goal within the guidelines and timeframe given.
  3. Prior Commitments:
    When you accept a task – You have made a commitment – if an emergency or another commitment comes up that interferes with you completing the task – you will let us know as soon as possible so we can make other arrangements to cover.
  4. Goals and Improvement:
    In your role as a Chair – there are certain essential duties. Aside from those duties, try to set a goal that will add value to the conference and improve or streamline it going forward. Seek to leave it better than you received it – make a difference.
  5. Personal Conduct:
    The GSHC Committee is in place to serve the Citizens of Alaska! We fulfill one of the Goals and Objectives of the ASAC. – At all times we will speak positively of the committee and conference to others; conducting ourselves as a representative of the State providing an essential need to the Citizenry of Alaska. We will seek to find the answers to questions of needs within our communities and how we can offer a greater value.
  6. Motions:
    Each committee member is able to make motions and present a case for consideration. When a motion is approved, it then becomes something the whole group will work towards successful implementation as a team – with no nay saying.
  7. Values / Principles of the Conference Committee:
    Values of the GSHC Committee never change and they will govern over the types of decisions made as well as our conduct toward this Mission.
  • Driven / Committed Committee that is committed to results. Good intentions mean well, we need a committee that is committed to make this the best event!
  • Continual Improvement – never settling, always seeking to do better.|
  • Servant Leadership – seeking to fulfill the frontline safety needs of Alaskan industry’s. To know the needs of the industry and seek to fulfill it.
  • Great Attendee Experiences – from high school students to college students, and industry leaders –making a difference to persons we come in contact with each day whether during the conference or on behalf of a Committee for the conference!
  • Telling the Story – Exceeding expectations of attendees in general session messages – giving them a “story” long remembered. (Our chance to address the majority in a subject of pertinence to all.)
  • Brainstorming & Open Communication – amongst the committee, we will openly discuss ideas that meet the goals we set for each years’ conference & are in keeping with these values we’ve established.
  • Unification – We vote on new items to move forward. Following having established approval on an item, – all are on board to ensure the success of this new item.
  • Teamwork – We are only successful as a group, dedicating to work together, pitching in and helping out to ensure this event is not just a success, but really something for others to talk about.

The GSHC is the premier, continually growing safety conference with a committed group of volunteers working and focused on the needs of the Alaskan industries.

Through establishment of our values; setting goals; and ensuring we are on a track of continual improvement; the GSHC will continue to provide the Alaskan Industries an annual opportunity to meet safety & health needs; to advance companies programs with educational ideas / methods they may institute; provide them with regulatory updates; and recognize and applaud the successes of groups / businesses / individuals in furthering safety and health for Alaskans.

  • The GSHC will maintain a high value for the industries between programs and costs.
  • Maintaining a pulse on the industry through support of industry safety
  • Searching and seeking to continually grow and improve
  • Increasing awareness of safety through outreach to children; support of NAOSH