Anil Mathur, CEO; Robert Wenz, Captain & John Cawley, Safety of Alaska Tanker Company

Three Perspectives on Attaining on Continuing 16 years of “Zero”.

Anvil Mathur

Anil has been the President and CEO of Alaska Tanker Company Since 2001. In 2005 He was names “CEO who gets it” by the National Safety Council. He received the ASSE President’s Award in 2011. He has been recognized in 2013 by the AFLCIO. Anil has personal commendations from US Senator Patty Murray (WA), Governor Walker (AK), Governor Gregoire (WA), and the Alaska State Legislature. Anil has an MS in Engineering from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma; and an MBA from the University of California at Berkley. He is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School.

Captain Robert C Wenz  

Assurance & HSSE Team Leader, Alaska Tanker Company, LLC, Responsible for providing strategic direction in the implementation of ATC’s health, safety, security and environmental protection policies and programs. Capt. Wenz attended Maine Maritime Academy and Yale school of Management. He holds a Master’s License, Oceans Unlimited and is a First Class Pilot of Steam and Motor Vessels / Prince William Sound.Sailing career spanned nearly 2 decades all in the tanker trade with the last 13 years in the ANS trade from Valdez to the lower 48. Shore side work included 4 years with Keystone Shipping in Philadelphia before joining the startup team for ATC in 1998. Since joining ATC Captain Wenz has held the Marine Team Leader position and took over as the Assurance & HSSE Team Leader in 2005.

John Cawley 

John has worked for Alaska Tanker Company as a Technical, Marine and Safety Superintendent since 2014.  Prior to joining ATC, John was the proprietor of Cawley Maritime Consulting, which provided safety consulting services including training, site safety assessments and audits as well as large-scale project safety management to varied customers in the marine, ship repair and oil & gas industry in varied global locations.  John started his career in the safety industry working at Cascade General Shipyard, eventually serving as the Safety Department Manager.  John is a 1994 graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, where he earned a B.S. in Marine Transportation and a USCG Third Mate Unlimited Tonnage License

Stevie Frakes & Andrew Frakes
Communicating Safety: Insights from Psychological Development

Stevie Frakes is an Organizational Development and Coaching Consultant specializing in group facilitation, strategic planning and succession planning, executive coaching and leadership development, staff development and team building, and process and program development.  As a principal of Cairn North Consulting, she works to help nonprofits and small businesses do more with less and do it well.  Stevie believes that when people are brought together for safe and structured conversation, problems can be solved.  Stevie has bachelor degrees in both Psychology and Justice which provide a unique background and perspective for her Master’s degree in Organizational and Leadership Development and her work at Cairn North Consulting.  She is a lifelong Alaskan who loves to play in the mountains in snow, rain, or shine.

Steve Hinds, SPHR, SCP
When Violence Shows Up At Work

Steve Hinds, the principal of Hindsight, began the organization with the vision of providing continual development opportunities to individuals and organizations throughout Alaska.  Those organizations which invest in the continual development of their employees will achieve significantly greater results than their competitors.

Steve’s background has involved training and development during the 35 years that he has worked in the field of Human Resources. Prior to Hindsight, he was the Director of the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Center for Corporate and Professional Development (CCPD).  Through CCPD, he worked with organizations to determine their development needs and then in conjunction with subject matter experts, developed training programs to meet and exceed those identified needs. Steve has been teaching about violence in the workplace for 18 years. He has also worked with companies to respond real time to violence in the workplace incidents. He has offered training in Alaska to Alaska Communications, Chugach Electric, the Anchorage Museum, University of Alaska Anchorage, the Anchorage Bar Association, and others.

Dan Foote
IT Safety in an Unsafe World – Protecting Confidentiality & Trade Secrets

Katey Noonan, CIC, ARM, AAI
The Case for Management Buy-In: Giving a Reason to Invest in the Safety Culture

Katey Noonan, CIC, ARM, AAI  Katey Noonan is our featured speaker on the subject of convincing management to invest in safety within the company. She has been a licensed insurance broker for over 15 years, specializing in Workers Compensation, Property Casualty and Maritime insurance. She has advocated for many different types of companies across the United States, including Alaska. Katey represents North Star Insurance Services in Seattle. She is a Certified Insurance Counselor holding her Associate in Risk Management designation. She is currently serving as a producer representative on the governing committee for Washington’s Assigned Risk Plan and is the Secretary for the Pacific Northwest chapter of the Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association.

Jeff Lincoln
Compliance vs Engagement

Jeff Lincoln successfully led sales and operations teams for two different Fortune 500 organizations through the first 20+ years of his career with an emphasis on trouble-shooting under-performing business units. With a focus on human capital at each under-performing unit he led impressive financial results. Jeff develops leaders with proven human capital systems to attract, retain and develop team members to engage with the drivers their organization relies on for profitable growth. Working through leadership at each step, Jeff’s goal is to achieve sustained, scalable growth in each organization he works with.

Deborah Kelley – Director LSS AK OSH

Deborah Kelley – Born and raised here in Anchorage, Deborah Kelly was appointed as the director of the Labor Standards and Safety Division of the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development in June, 2016. Prior to that, she worked as a journeyman lineman for contractors and utilities around the state and beyond. Deborah has been actively engaged in workplace safety efforts through the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, through her employers, and through the Alaska Safety Advisory Council.

Phil Corrado & David Oathout
Construction Safety: Pre-planning to Proactively Reduce Risks

Phil Corrado has been a Seattle based risk control consultant for Liberty Mutual Insurance for the past 28 years. He is responsible for providing risk control consultant services for Liberty Mutual commercial customers with the goal of partnering with them to reduce auto crashes and injuries to workers an the public.

Phil’s primarily services construction accounts in western Washington and Oregon and services seafood processing operations in Alaska. He has a Construction Health and Safety Technical certification and is an authorized OSHA construction trainer.

Brian Horner
Construction Confined Space Entry: Down the Rabbit Hole

Mike Buck
Working in Remote Areas of Alaska

Mike Buck has an extensive background in Safety and Backcountry activities. He spent 20 years as a teacher in Valdez for both high school and corporate consulting. He has been a backcountry guide for snowmachining, rafting and hiking and has been on countless personal adventures in all regions of the state over the past 40 years. He has completed numerous expeditions across remote Alaska for educational purposes. His work career beyond teaching has included working for Petrostar Valdez, Haltness Construction, Alyeska pipeline, Alaska OSHA, and presently Knik Construction in Anchorage.

Christian Hendrickson – AK OSH
AKOSH Special Programs – SHAR, VPP & Chase

Craig Galecka, P.E, CSP
Fall Protection – Myths & Facts – What you don’t know you don’t know

Craig Galecka, PE, CSP is a principal and project manager with LJB who specializes in safety and environmental compliance. As a dually registered professional engineer and certified safety professional with more than 20 years of experience, he has expertise in fall hazard surveys, confined space audits, and fall protection system design and inspection. With a thorough knowledge of OSHA regulations and ANSI standards. Mr Galecka also provides safety training for clients. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering from Michigan State University.

Elisa Hitchcock
Ergonomics – Out of the Office

Elisa Hitchcock: Your presenter for “Ergonomics: Out of the Office” has over 20 years of experience working with injured workers, completing ergonomic work station evaluations, job site assessments/reviews, working with employers and physicians to determine modified return to work options, as well as creating education plans for career changes. Ms. Hitchcock has been a Certified Disability Management Specialist for almost 20 years, and does Ergonomic Work Station Evaluations for Gray Services, LLC here in Anchorage.

Her interest in the Out of the Office part of ergonomics has been driven by what seems to be a need for assessments and job site reviews for a variety of types of work, from truck drivers to laborers, to construction workers.

She looks forward to a good conversation with you all – please welcome Elisa Hitchcock

Del Husted, CET
Building Effective Training & Development

Dell Husted is a Certified Environmental, Health and Safety Trainer with over 50 years as a trainer, trainer evaluator, trainer developer and organization improvement consultant. He is Director of Alaska Training Center. He is retired military having served as both enlisted and as an officer in the Air Force, Army and Air/Army National Guard’s.

Brandon Field & Chad Fullmer – AK OSH
Employee Access to Medical Care and Emergency Action Plans

Brandon Field serves as Occupatonal Safety & Enforcement Officer in Anchorage. He began work in commercial construction in 2004 as a laborer at the age of 18, and accumulated approximately 10 years of experience in the industry. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Nevada, Reno and worked as a Deputy with the U.S Marshals Service from 2010 to 2011. He has been a Safety Enforcement Officer with the State of Alaska, Occupational Safety and Health (AKOSH) since 2015.

Chad Fullmer began his career serving 7 years in the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps where, dealing with storage and transportation of explosives and weaponized chemicals, safety is paramount. After completing his time in service, he moved to the private sector as a Loss Prevention Manager, Safety Manager, and Law Enforcement Officer for 5 years in Colorado. He and his family returned to Alaska in 2012 and Chad spent the next 5 years at the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) as an Emergency Management Planning Supervisor and Safety Officer.  He now works for the Alaska Occupational Safety and Health (AKOSH) as a Safety Enforcement Officer. Somewhere along the way, he earned a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. In his spare time, he is slowly trudging his way to an Interdisciplinary PhD at UAA.

Ann Lindsey, CSP, CET
Building a Culture of Excellence

Joshua Schultz, Esq.
How OSHA’s New Silica Rule will Affect Your Operations

Josh Schultz is the Managing Attorney at the Law Office of Adele L. Abrams PC’s Denver, Colorado Office. The Law Office of Adele L. Abrams is an 8-attorney firm that represents employers in MSHA and OSHA defense, compliance, and training nationwide. Mr. Schultz is accredited by the International Society of Mine Safety Professionals as a Mine Safety Professional. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Law and the University of Maryland, College Park School of Journalism. Before joining the Law Office of Adele Abrams in September 2008, he clerked with the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Maryland Office of the Attorney General. Mr. Schultz lives in Evergreen, Co.

Amy VanOstenbridge
Injury Prevention for Seasonal Workers

Amy VanOstenbridge, COHC  has more than 10 years of experience in Environmental compliance and Occupational Health and Safety. Her industry expertise includes the oil and gas, manufacturing, and technology industries. She started her EHS career in the central California oil fields, then moved to Dutch Harbor for 6 years, and last, moved to Seattle to work for a seafood company. Amy spent three summers traveling to various seasonal seafood processing facilities, building and implementing safety programs and confirming compliance. She would view and analyze the temporary workforce challenges amongst the facilities looking for tends and improvements. Amy currently works for Antea Group, a Seattle based consulting firm, and helps clients manage their risk to create a sustainable future.

Greg Duncan
The New Face of HazCom – SDS & Label Compliance in the Post-GHS Deadline ERA

Chris Krebs
Sit/Stand Work Station Ergonomics

Chris Krebs has traveled throughout the state of Alaska since 1993 as an ergonomics consultant and trainer for Situs Ergonomics. After completing his engineering degree in Canada, Chris moved to Alaska in 1991 and began apprenticing with PhD Ergonomist and Occupational therapist Liz Dowler, the founder of Situs. Chris and his wife, Deb became co-owners of the company in 2005. Chris had not only helped many thousands of Alaskans work more comfortably and safely, but has also helped train hundreds of professionals to do better Office Ergonomics Evaluations.

Kevin Worrell, CSP
The Creativity Quotient – Leverage Creatives to go Beyond Compliance

Kevin Worrell, CSP (Certified Safety Professional) has more than ten years of Health and Safety experience in the oil and gas industry. He began his career in behavior-based safety and progressed through field advisor positions on Alaska’s North Slope. Through consulting Kevin gathered experience and perspective as an industrial hygienist at BP’s Cherry Point Refinery, as an eLearning developer for Alyeska Pipeline, and as a safety leadership specialist for ExxonMobil’s Point Thomson Project. He is currently the Lead Consultant for Alaska-based Northern Industrial Training, LLC. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Jazz Studies from the New School University in New York City. Throughout his career Kevin has fused his study and experience as a music composer and performer with his practice in the health and safety field. This merging of passions has yielded a unique approach to content development and an acumen for performance that shines through in his speaking career. Kevin lives happily in Anchorage, Alaska where he is highly active in the arts community as a producer and performer and gets into the great outdoors with his son come rain or come shine.

Seth Wilson – AKOSH
OSHA Recordsing & Record Keeping

Seth Wilson is a Safety Consultant for the State of Alaska’s OSH program, and has been with the department for over six years. His work during this time has allowed him the opportunity to travel the State of Alaska assisting employers in all industries in improving and positively promoting their safety and health programs. He was lived in Alaska most of his life and during that time has worked extensively in the construction and commercial fishing industries.

Sandra MacLean Uberuago MA, CCC-A, F-AAA
Protect My Hearing and Save My Life – Job Communication/Accident Assessment

Sandra MacLean Uberuaga, MA, CCC-A, F-AAA, CPS/A, is a licensed occupational audiologist She is president of Alaska Occupational Audiology & Health Services, Inc which provides varied onsite hearing conservation services & consultation. Sandra specializes in workplace communication assessment. She has been working exclusively in this field since 1982. She is a member of the National Hearing Conservation Association, a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology, a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers, the Acoustical Society of America and the NFPA, having served on its occupational medical and heath technical committee. Sandra is both a certified professional supervisor for audiometric surveillance and a course director for the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation. She has trained hundreds of individuals to be certified as Occupational Hearing Conservationists. She has several hundred employers as clients. Sandra enjoys hunting and fishing.

Joe Demonte Arc Flash Compliance
Under NFPA 70E, 2018 ed.: Overview of Electrical Preventative Maintenance

Joe DeMonte spent 6 years as a Line Level Nuclear Mechanic with the United States Navy.  He has over 22 years of industry experience, specializing in predictive maintenance techniques, especially infrared thermography.  Joe is a former senior infrared thermography instructor for the ITC, designing courses for and instructing Navy Special Ops and Coast Guard forces.  He has obtained the ASNT Thermal Infrared Level 3 Certification.

M. Kenneth Wake
Developing an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Kenneth Wake has 26 years of security experience that includes instructor certifications for defensive tactics, pepper spray and ASP batons. Kenneth has worked with private individuals, agencies for high risk security details. He is a court recognized expert witness in security use of force and training procedures. He has coupled his security experience with five years of risk management as the Director of Security and Risk for Alyeska resort over the last seven years. Last year he & his wife open Prepper’s Pack, outdoor retail store with emphasis on first aid, survival, safety and training in preparing for emergencies.

Craig Galecka, P.E, CSP
Practical Fall Protection – Ensuring Effectiveness

Craig Galecka

Brennan Portalski, C-SAPA
Best Practices for Combating Marijuana and Opioids in the Workplace

Richard Worthington, CSP, CHST
Incident Investigation: Human Factors and Fining Cause

Richard Worthington CSP, CHST – During the last six years as a Health, Safety and Environmental Professional, Richard has investigated over 300 incidents on work sites in Alaska. His career spans three different industries, including over 18 years in the commercial construction industry working on sites all over the State of Alaska. He currently works as an HSE Professional, supporting projects in areas from Deadhorse to Alpine, Alaska.

David Yaffe, QSSP
OSHA Walking-Working Surfaces Rule and Fall Protection Update

David Yaffe has 20 years of experience in sales and training for MSA Safety (Mine Safety Appliances Co.). He conducts awareness training in fall protection, confined space entry, hazardous gas detection, respiratory protection and head/eye/face/hearing protection. Yearly he offers over 20 classroom-based training classes and 40+ field-based safety training sessions. Recently, he conducted training at the OSHA Training Institute in Dublin, CA, Pacific Gas and Electric Company and H&T Battery.

Kerry Lee
What Can Your Crane Safely Lift?

Kerry Lee trains operators for all types of cranes, aerial lifts, forklifts and other material handling equipment and all levels of rigging training. Kerry, over the past five years has taught over 200 crane safety classes.

Kerry is accredited with OSHA, WISHA to perform required crane inspections in the Construction, and Maritime industries. Also, he inspects cranes in all industries including: Mining, Oil & Gas, Off-shore Platforms, etc., General Industry. Kerry personally inspects over 400 pieces of equipment each year.

Additional facts about Kerry:

  • Certifier of Operators of Mobile Cranes and Riggers for the NCCER from 2011-2014
  • Contributes articles for the NPFVOA “Crane Corner” for their quarterly newsletter since 2009
  • Developed the Hard Hat Training Series Kits for Crane, Forklift and Aerial lift operations

Jason Lenius, CSP, ARM  
Beyond Regulatory Compliance

Jason Lenius is a Region Manager at for Risk Control Services at Liberty Mutual Insurance. He oversees the field service operations to Liberty Mutual Customers in Alaska and Washington. Jason has been in the safety and health industry for 18 years, assisting various Liberty Mutual commercial customers in their safety programs and as a Risk Manager in the education section. He is a Certified Safety Professional and an Associate in Risk Management.

Lisa Pugh
Sleep and Workplace Safety, Risk Management During Extended Shifts

Lisa Pugh is a Retired Chief Master Sergeant from the United States Air Force. Her experience includes 27 years of Aircraft Maintenance & Safety; four years are teaching College Accredited courses in Aircraft Safety & Maintenance. She has Aircraft safety/mishap investigator experience from Afghanistan. Mrs. Pugh graduated from the Community College of the Air Force with two Associates of Applied Science, first for Aircraft Systems Maintenance Technology and second Associate for Instructor of Technology and Military Science. She will graduate this summer from Wayland Baptist University with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Management.

Bob Veazey
The Behavior Safety System: Proactive leadership of behavior for no Harm Safety –

Bob Veazie has a BS in Finance and an MBA.  He has studied organizational performance with the world’s best thought leaders (Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Meg Wheatley, Peter Block, Peter Senge, David Whyte and more) in his decades of work as a leader managing in organizations including Hewlett Packard, Shell Oil and Fluor Corp.  His ability to intersect the principles of organizational performance (culture change) and safety performance is unique in the safety industry.

Bob is President of People Powered Leadership (PPL) with a mission to help organizations develop high performance cultures through employee inclusion and empowerment.    Bob is a dynamic speaker always focused on the most current learning and examples from clients around the world.  Bob has presented numerous years at the annual ASSE conference, NSC conference and more.  PPL developed and owns the “Commitment Based Safety” methodology.   Bob has authored articles in both Professional Safety and Industrial Safety Hygiene News.  Bob frequently speaks at company management team meetings as well as presented the new paradigm on Commitment Based Safety to corporate leadership teams.   In 2009 Bob authored The Courage Factor with Dr. E. Scott Geller.   This book identifies leading edge behavior-based interdependent principles necessary to create zero injuries in the workplace.   In 2010, Bob again published a book with Dr. E. Scott Geller released When No One’s Watching: Living and Leading Self-Motivation.  This work was focused on the means to obtain personal commitment (self-motivation) across the workforce for zero injuries.


 April 3, 2018


8-10                     OPENING & KEYNOTE PRESENTATION
CEO:                      Anil Mathur
Captain:               Robert Wenz
Safety:                  John Cawley – AK Tanker Co
Leadership in Safety – Safety Don’t Happen By Accident
Three perspective on attaining & continuing 16 years of “Zero”.

10-10:30              BREAK

10:30-11:30        SESSIONS
Best Practices:                        Stevie Frakes & Andrew Frakes
Communicating Safety: Insights  from Psychological Development
Training & Info:                       Steve Hinds, SPHR, SCP
When Violence Shows Up at Work
Strategies & Tools:               Dan Foote
IT Safety in an Unsafe World –  Protecting Confidentiality & Trade
Leadership & Culture:          Katey Noonan, CIC, ARM, AAI
The Case for Management Buy-In;
Giving a Reason to Invest in
the Safety Culture.
Regs & Emerging Issues:   Jeff Lincoln
Compliance vs Engagement

11:30-12:45        LUNCH & EXHIBIT HALL
Luncheon Speaker:             Deborah Kelly – Director LSS AK OSH
Regulatory changes and focus in AK, a glimpse of the future.

12:45-1:45         SESSIONS:
Best Practices:                       Phil Corrado & David Oathout
Construction Safety: Pre-Planning to
proactively reduce risks
Training & Info:                       Brian Horner
Construction Confined Space Entry: Down the Rabbit Hole
Strategies & Tools:               Working in Remote Areas of Alaska
Leadership & Culture:          Christian Hendrickson – AKOSH
AKOSH, Special Programs – SHARP,
VPP & Chase
Regs & Emerging Issues:   Craig Galecka, PE, CSP
Fall Protection – Myths & facts –
What you don’t know you don’t

1:45-2:15         BREAK

2:15-3:15          SESSIONS:
Best Practices:                             Elisa Hitchcock
Ergonomics – out of the office
Training & Info:        Dell Husted, CET
Building Effective Training & Development
Strategies & Tools: Brandon Field & Chad Fullmer – AK OSH
Employee Access to Medical Care and Emergency Action Plans
Leadership & Culture:   Ann Lindsey, CSP, CET
Building a culture of excellence
Regs & Emerging Issues: Joshua Schultz, Esq
How OSHA’s New Silica Rule will affect your operations

3:15-3:45     BREAK

3:45-4:45    SESSIONS:
Best Practices:
 Amy VanOstenbridge
Injury Prevention for Seasonal Workers
Training & Info: Greg Duncan
The New Face of HazCom-SDS & Label Compliance in the Post-GHS Deadline era
Strategies & Tools: Chris Krebs
Sit/Stand Work Station Ergonominds
Leadership & Culture: Kevin Worrell, CSP
The Creativity Quotient – Leverage Creatives to go Beyond Compliance
Regs & Emerging Issues: Seth Wilson – AKOSH
OSHA Recording  & Record Keeping

                                  DRAWINGS & EXHIBITOR SHOWROOM

April 4, 2018


8:00-9:30           GENERAL SESSION:
Rosemarie Olney, Federal OSHA – USA
Federal OSHA’s journey over the past year, and focus toward the future, what have we achieved, what changes to expect and where will the targeted focus be

9:30-10:00     BREAK & EXHIBIT HALL

10:00-11:15    SESSIONS:
Sandra MacLean Uberuaga, MA, CCC-A F-AAA
Protect My hearing and save my life – job communication/accident assessment
Standards Updates: Joe DeMonte (Sponsored by NPC)
Arc Flash Compliance under NFPA 70E, 2018 ed.: Overview of electrical preventative maintenance
Workplace Needs: M. Kenneth Wake
Developing an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
Craig Galecka, P.E. CSP
Practical Fall Protection – Ensuring Effectiveness
Emerging Issues: Brennan Portalski, C-SAPA
Best Practices for Combating Marijuana and Opioids in the Workplace

11:15-11:30     BREAK:

Alaska Commissioner of DOL Workforce Development:  Heidi Drygas
AK Director of Labor & Safety: Deborah Kelly

1:30-2:30     SESSIONS:
 Richard Worthington, CSP, CHST
Incident Investigation:  Human Factors and Finding Cause
Standards Upgrades: David Yaffe, QSSP
OSHA Walking-working surfaces rule and fall protection update
Workplace Needs: Kerry Lee
What Can Your Crane Safely Lift?
Industry: Jason Lenius, CSP, ARM
Beyond Regulatory Compliance
Emerging Issues:  Lisa Pugh
Sleep and Workplace safety, risk management during extended shifts

2:30-2:45     BREAK

Bob Veazey, (Ranked as a top 20 speaker by the NSC)
The Behavior Safety System: Proactive leadership of behavior for No Harm Safely – Learn 3 key area of behavior that require continual focus and improvement to energize a no injury culture. Understand the overall “Behavioral Safety System” required for high performance safety cultures, that you can implement today.


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