The Governor’s Safety Awards of Excellence

Nominations are CLOSED.

Nominations for the 2021 Alaska Safety Advisory Council Awards are now closed. Please join us for the Awards Ceremony on May 19th at 11:15 AM AKDT. Register Now!

For questions about Awards, please email or call Chris Warner at 907-339-6420.


The Governor’s Safety Award of Excellence is presented to organizations demonstrating distinction in the following: safety and health of their personnel, the environment, assets and reputation that demonstrates and promotes superior corporate citizenship. Large and small organizations that have excelled in safety in health in 2018 are encouraged to apply.

A group may be defined as a company; corporation; government entity; non-profit; or other entity. Groups may submit nominations for smaller business units such as an operating unit, a division, a regional office, a department, etc., or as an organization-wide basis.

This award application process consists of three parts. See application for more details.

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This award is presented for special outstanding achievements in the field of health, safety and environment or a lifesaving action. In order to qualify for this award, there must be a significant and measurable impact on the community or there must be documented contributions/enhancements in the field of HSE. This award may be presented for lifesaving actions, if so, it may require a third party’s statement. To be eligible for the various awards, specific eligibility criteria must be met as described in the attached document. The highest ranking officer/manager of the applicant company is required to certify eligibility of the company to receive the award. If the information certified in the application proves to be incorrect, the company will be disqualified from receiving the award. See Application.

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The ‘Innovation in Safety Award’ is presented to an innovative work group or to recognize a Company that has developed and instituted an innovative method, design, tool, procedure or concept of engineering that has significantly contributed to a positive impact on safety, thus improving health and quality of life and or environmental protection in the work place. See attached application

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This award was established by the State of Alaska to celebrate those individuals that have become true HSE professionals and acknowledges those individuals dedication to their profession and their community. The presentation of this award recognizes the individual has provided a service to their profession, their community and the State of Alaska.

The following are the minimum requirements for this award:

  • The individual must be an Alaskan resident.
  • The individual must have worked in the field of HSE more than 20 years.
  • They must be regarded as a true “HSE professional” by peers.
  • They must have demonstrated performance of substantial contributions and extraordinary ability in the field of HSE, both in business and volunteering.
  • See attached application

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This award is meant to recognize individuals, still active in the profession, that have dedicated their lives to the advancement of safety. This recognition is for dedication that surpasses a “career” in safety, going outside of workplace looking to volunteer efforts of the individual in Promoting Safety and Health of all Alaskans.

The Criteria for this Award are:

  • The Nominee must be an Alaskan resident.
  • Nominee must have been working in the field of Safety and Health in Alaska for 10 or more years.
  • Nominee has been in the field of Safety and Health for a minimum of 15 years.
  • Their peers regard nominee as a true “Safety Professional”.
  • Nominee has made substantial contributions in the field of Safety and Health.
  • Must be an active volunteer in a non-profit in a safety related capacity for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Must not have won this award in the last 5 years
  • See attached application

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