Who is the Alaska Safety Advisory Council?

ASAC is a group of 14 individuals appointed by the Governor of the State of Alaska. Each appointee serves a two year term and represents a sector of the Alaskan Workforce serving on behalf of the Governor to elevate safety and health throughout the state.

The Alaska Safety Advisory Council works in cooperation with official and unofficial organizations, individuals and groups in efforts toward reducing accidental death and injuries and promoting safety, health and wellness for all Alaskans. As one of its many objectives, the council administers the Annual Governor’s Safety and Health Conference. ASAC also offers recommendations to the Governor/Legislature on state policies and programs regarding the safety and health of Alaskans.

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“The ASAC, in order to increase safety and health in the State of Alaska, will promote, advise, consult, encourage, coordinate and sponsor policies, activities and actions that are designed to reduce the loss of human and material resources in the State of Alaska.”

One of the objectives of the ASAC is hosting an annual, AK Governor’s Safety and Health Conference. This one objective is not to be taken as the means to accomplish all the ASAC objectives, lest it lose its’ own purpose in furthering Safety & Health in Alaska.

To be successful, we must first know what our objective, mission, purpose and vision are.

The Alaska Safety Advisory Council Members:
February 2022    

  • Brett Allio – Labor (Juneau)
  • Elaine Banda – State Government (Anchorage)
  • Samuel Cunard– Industry (Anchorage)
  • Nick Danger – Labor (Anchorage)
  • William Harlan – Director/State Department of Labor Workforce and Development/CO Designee (Anchorage)
  • Shaun Kuzakin – Labor (Juneau)
  • Ann Lindsey – Industry (Anchorage)
  • Don Maynor – Public (Palmer)
  • George Murray– Industry (Anchorage)
  • Scott Raygor – Labor (Fairbanks)
  • Anneliese Roberts– Local Government (Anchorage)
  • Christopher Warner– Industry (Soldotna)
  • Vacant (Industry)

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. 

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead –

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